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The mission of HRBC is to support public policy, elected officials and candidates for elected office that promote our core values of
limited government, free-market capitalism and private property rights. Known as Houston’s premier business coalition, HRBC hosts public forums which allow elected officials and candidates to learn more about the businesses we represent and to share their message.


Alan Hassenflu


Brad Freels

Vice Chairman

Richard Rothfelder

PAC Treasurer

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Immediate Past Chairman

Michael Brisch
Kristal Casey
Tom Fish
Brad Freels
Steve Gibson
Jim Goettee
Emerson Hankamer

Alan Hassenflu
Jeff Hildebrand
Jim Holcomb
Howard Holsenbeck
Stacy Hunt
Jason Johnson
Nathan Kelley

Mike Landrum
Keith Lawyer
Steve Mitby
David Modesett
Mike Moody
Casey Morgan
Richard Rothfelder

Khaled Salem
Don Sinclair
Michael Smith
Joe Swinbank
Frank Vandiver
Karl Willmann
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Trustee Emeritus

Fred Baca
Dan Bellow
David Dominy

Frank Fitzgerald
Janice Jamail-Garvis
E.D. Lester

Frank Nadolney
Jim Peters
Mike Rozell, Sr.

Joseph O. Slovacek
Dick Weekley
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